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French family

Discover Paris in a unique way

As a tourist in Paris, you can go through your whole holiday where the only French person you meet is the person that sells you tickets to a museum!

But, in our opinion, the best way to discover a City is to meet with its residents. We have a network of families who are happy to invite our guests round to have dinner with them. This is a great opportunity to explore and learn about other people’s lives, to discover real French culture and also its world-class cuisine!


The French family were extremely welcoming, and we had a lovely and relaxed time. My children enjoyed discovering their French house and hearing about their lives and culture. The said that they intend to travel to New Zealand next year, so we are hoping to see them again. I highly recommend this as an activity which goes beyond seeing the beautiful sights. Thank you for arranging this.

Fiona (New Zealand)

I learned a lot about my trip. Before I went, I was worried about the level of my spoken English, however they spoke very slowly so I could understand, which really put me at ease. Thank you so much for organising this wonderful experience.

Hyojin (South Korea)

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