Visiting and exploring Paris

Discover the rich religious heritage of Paris

Paris is not short of religious heritage: Notre-Dame Cathedral, The Sainte-Chapelle, The basilica of the Sacre-Coeur of Montmartre, etc. The architecture is not just beautiful in its own right, but reflects the faith that they were built upon. Don’t miss out these beautiful attractions!

If you wish, we can arrange a free pilgrimage from the hostel, whether you are visiting alone or as a group. These visits usually take place on Saturday mornings (departing at 9am) or on request.  On these tours, you will discover some breathtaking places, with a chance to learn about Paris’ deep religious history and also pray.


I had the chance to see Paris through not only the tourist’s perspective, but through the eyes of someone who actually lives there. The Churches that we visited were among the many hidden treasures of Paris that tell a lot about the history of the city and its inhabitants. I loved it so much that I re-visited one of them before leaving Paris. If you have the chance to do this free guided tour of Paris, don’t miss it!

Amanda (Brazil)

Here, we admired the beautiful pictorial frescoes and also the central Choir with restricted access to its sculptures of the tomb; And before going out, we saw a sculpture-homage to Father Charles-Michel of the sword, the inventor of sign language. Then we marvelled at the extraordinary walls of the Church of Our Lady from the Victories, which had an amazing amount of fine detail. Finally, we finished our visit at the Basilica of Notre Dame de Lorette, with its unforgettable and imposing dome in a district once famous for its exuberance of Parisian artists. This unique experience was very exciting: a new perspective on Paris, a way of finding peace in and through the movement, an opportunity to share its rich history, the Sacred Arts, the city and its faith.

Pascale (Germany)

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