Who are we?

L'équipe Adveniat Auberge de Jeunesse Paris Centre Champs Elysées

A team

Adveniat is not like any other youth hostel… Our project was carried from the beginning by religious Assumptionists. A Catholic religious congregation, the Assumptionists were founded in Nîmes in 1845 by Fr. Emmanuel D’alzon (1810-1880). The building is home to a religious community who, for Christ’s sake, have made the choice to devote their entire life to their faith. To devote ourselves to God does not mean that one must be cut off from the world: on the contrary, we are glad to say that we are invited to “be men of Faith, men of communion, solidarity with the poor”. Taken from our father, our motto, Adveniat Regnum Tuum (Thy Kingdom Come) is where the hostel gets its name.

This foundation has motivated us to embark on diversified activities in France and around the world: student trips; Places of reception for migrants; Business centres; School groups; Press groups; Missions in the Christian Orient; Ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue… and a youth hostel.

But the host of the hostel will not meet only religious… Our team consists of a dozen employees, volunteers, volunteers, as well as students who stay with the religious community or in a room that occupies the top two floors of the building. But whether we are religious, salaried, volunteers or students, we have one mission: to welcome you and testify to the Brotherhood that unites all human beings.

Our history

When the religious assumptionists settled into rue François 1er, the area had just been renovated. Originally located in a smaller building, the brothers launched many activities, some of which still exist today: the Association Notre-Dame of salvation which organizes the National pilgrimage to Lourdes every year, or the media group Bayard, which today spans four continents. In 2008, we decided to completely redesign the house to welcome a new project: a youth hostel.

Histoire Adveniat Auberge de Jeunesse Paris Centre Champs Elysées
Adveniat Auberge de Jeunesse Paris Centre Champs Elysées

Our Values

Our Christian Hostel, Adveniat, is a one of a kind unique place of hospitality that is open to all. The assumptionists live under the rule of Saint Augustine (354-430) which highlights the unity, the acceptance of others and the Brotherhood. Our ambition for the hostel is to allow people to meet from different countries, cultures, religions and ages, by making the bet that the one who brings us together is stronger than what divides us. Adveniat can thus become a place of sharing between the church and the present society, in a spirit of openness and mutual respect.


– Site for the Assumptionists community: www.assomption.org

– Bayard, press and media organisation: www.groupebayard.com

– Seminary Port-Royal (close to St Quentin-en-Yvelines): https://centreportroyal.com

– Hotel of Valpré (close to Lyon): www.valpre.com

– Why we are based at Adveniat: our pastoral project


Want to help us a few hours a week while living within the community? Or would you like to help out around the hostel from several weeks or even months in Adveniat, while staying for free at the hostel and having meals with the religious community? Click below to learn more about our volunteering opportunities.