Hostel rules

The Adveniat Youth Hostel wants to be a place where people can meet and share. All of our guests are invite to adopt an attitude of openness and respect with regard to other persons present in the hostel. Your stay will be all the more enjoyable as you yourself are sociable to other guests at the hostel. 

Out of prudence, we do not welcome minors unaccompanied by one or several adults.

As you have now grown accustomed, it is forbidden to smoke anywhere in the hostel, including the bedrooms. You can use the garden with its terraces for this purpose. It is strictly forbidden to tamper with the smoke detectors.
Alcohol (including beer) and drugs are forbidden anywhere in the hostel, including the grounds. The experiences that we are encouraging you to engage in are much stronger and more appealing! Anyone caught bringing alcohol or drugs into the hostel will be expelled immediately and will receive no reimbursement. 

The security of our guests is a major concern for us. So, it is also strictly forbidden to bring anyone into the hostel who has not been properly registered. Anyone who brings an unauthorized person into the hostel will be immediately expelled and will receive no reimbursement.

Attention: common areas of the hostel, corridors on the bedroom floors as well as the exterior of the hostel are under video surveillance.

Make sure not to forget anything when you leave us: any personal item which you may forget at the hostel will not be sent to you unless you ask us and at your own expense.



To give our maintenance staff time to get your rooms into impeccable shape clean, they will not be ready until 4 P.M. (a baggage room is available free of charge).

Our rooms are not mixed for individual reservations.
However we offer couples, families and groups the possibility of requesting reservation in mixed rooms.
Please do not leave windows open when the heat is on. Could you please turn off the lights when you leave your room. The world (and our electric bill) will be better off!It is forbidden to cook in the bedrooms. It is also forbidden to plug in objects needing high voltage (kettles, hot-plates, heating coils, etc.). Kindly undo your beds when leaving: fold the blankets and sheets and leave them on your bed.Likewise, kindly respect guests in your room and elsewhere in the hostel who are trying to sleep. The lounge and the dining room are available to you if you want to stay up.We ask that you try not to do damage to the furniture in your rooms and elsewhere in the hostel. Those who come after you will be grateful!



A furnished kitchen is available to our guests from 12 A.M. to 10 P.M.Everyone is asked to wash and put away whatever utensils he has used. Everyone is likewise asked to clean up after using the facilities.A refrigerator, with separate compartments, is available for guests to store perishable items. Please close with a lock the compartment you use. Locks are on sale at the reception desk. Any compartment that is not locked will be emptied and its contents thrown out when the refrigerator is cleaned at night.We hope that you have a wonderful stay at the Adveniat Youth Hostel, one rich in experiences, encounters and profound exchanges!



Teachers and group leaders remain responsible of the behavior of any and all members of their group. There is no way for them to discharge that responsibility on the Youth Hostel staff.

The Adveniat Youth Hostel staff keep the right to enter in any bedroom of which the inhabitants would disturb in any way other guests of the hostel..



Adveniat is an independent youth hostel. Guests must have an Adveniat Youth Hostel membership card. This card is valid for one year and can be purchased upon arrival.
At your arrival and registration, everyone will be asked for a valid identity document (driver’s license and student identity cards will not be accepted). You will be given a magnetic card that gives access to the front door of the hostel, the elevator, and the door to your room. Please drop this magnetic card off when you leave.



Gneral schedule of the ADVENIAT youth hostel


Adveniat hostel is open

8 A.M. to
12 A.M.

Reception open

10 A.M. to
4 P.M

Access to common areas and to luggage room, but no access to rooms

4 P.M to
10 P.M

Check-in and access to rooms

10 P.M to
8 A.M.

Night keeper is present, doors are closed (hosts already have a magnetic key can enter, there is no curfew)

Services schedule

7:30 -
9:30 A.M.


10 A.M.

Rooms must be vacated

12 A.M. -
12 P.M.

The kitchen is open