The youth hostel

A friendly place to meet,
explore and relax

Meeting with a diversity of people

When staying here, you will meet people from across the globe. We attract guests from all five continents. Everyone from tourists, students, working professionals and school groups come together.

Take me on a tour of the hostel

Facilities and services



Petit déjeuner Jardin Auberge de Jeunesse Adveniat, Paris Centre Champs Elysées

Breakfast bar


Lobby with games, books,
a piano and a TV


Garden and terrace




Free luggage storage
and lockers


Free WiFI


Laundry facilities

Une auberge animée

Nous programmons régulièrement des événements

BECOME A Volunteer

Would you like to help out around the hostel from several weeks or even months in Adveniat, while staying for free at the hostel and live with the religious community? Click below to learn more about our volunteering opportunities.

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